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What kind of change can be brought
by giving 5% of our time?

5% Time Cross-Sector Collaborations Foster Social Innovation

5% Design Action is the only B-Corp certified service design company in Taiwan. We tackle social challenges by redefining design and creating innovative solutions, driving social innovation and sustainable development.

As a social enterprise, we encourage individuals to dedicate 5% of their free time to contribute to critical social issues and challenges. Since 2012, we have initiated over 20 large-scale cross-disciplinary social design projects, bringing together more than 10,000 professionals and designers from various fields. We establish connections with over 300 domestic and international non-profit organizations, public sectors, and businesses, creating cross-disciplinary teams and resource networks to accelerate social transformation through design-driven innovation.

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What does 5% Design Action do?

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Sustainability? Don't Go It Alone.
Earth Solutions - the largest sustainable design summit in Taiwan.

To position Taiwan as a global leader in sustainable action, 5% Design Action has been organizing the annual “Earth Solutions | Sustainable Design Summit” on Earth Day since 2021. By gathering visionary problem posers and innovative problem solvers, we facilitate connections Among creative talents, investors, thought leaders, and policymakers, enabling the exploration of internationally-informed perspectives and the identification of practical solutions for the planet. Additionally, the initiative launches a year-long sustainable action campaign, engaging the entire population.

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Our accomplishments thus far include:


Digital Acceleration!
Earth Solutions - Taiwan's first cross-sector resource and talent matching platform "go action"

A “more efficient, more effective, and more sustainable” digital solution that frees social innovation from the constraints of existing networks, enabling the exploration of resource connections across industries, regions, and age groups.

This year, our determination is to build an O2O (online-to-offline) circular action community, becoming the “APAC’s first social innovation resource hub.” Through the intelligent matching of our digital platform, “go action,” we effortlessly connect with the necessary resources and like-minded partners, let your resources be discovered, your achievements be sustained, and let the change keep happening!


Break Boundaries
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